How to Adjust the Tension of a Monitor Arm?

How to Adjust the Tension of a Monitor Arm?

Adjusting the tension of the spring arm on your monitor mount is crucial for maintaining the desired height and stability. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Mount the Monitor: Make sure your monitor is securely mounted onto the monitor arm. This step is important because the weight of the monitor activates the spring mechanism.

  2. Apply Pressure: Apply some pressure onto the arm while doing the tension adjustment. This ensures that the arm feels the weight of the monitor, especially when it is at rest.

  3. Locate the Tension Adjustment: Insert the provided Allen Key into the designated opening to access the tension bolt. This bolt controls the tension of the spring arm.

  4. Adjust Tension: If your monitor is rising too high, you need to loosen the tension. To do this, turn the wrench counterclockwise towards the "-" symbol. Conversely, if your monitor is descending too low, tighten the tension by turning the wrench clockwise towards the "+" symbol.

  5. Find Optimal Tension: Different monitors have different weights, so it's essential to find the optimal tension for your specific monitor. Experiment with the tension adjustment until you achieve the desired balance between ease of adjustment and stability.

  6. Test Adjustment: Once you think you've achieved optimal tension, test the adjustment by moving the arm up and down. The arm should maintain the desired height securely without struggling or dropping.

  7. Fine-Tune if Necessary: If the arm still struggles to stay in the raised position or doesn't stay down as desired, continue to adjust the tension until you find the perfect balance.


By following these steps, you should be able to adjust the tension of the spring arm on your monitor mount effectively, ensuring that your monitor stays at the desired height with ease.




Articulating monitor arms such as Evo & Stealth series lack tension adjustment capabilities. To adjust height, one must loosen the arm from the pole using an allen key. Conversely, monitor arms with self-adjusting tension features eliminate the need for manual tension adjustments. The Arctic & Revo Series Monitor arms showcase this self-adjusting tension feature, requiring users only to attach their monitors and press down on the top arm to engage the spring mechanism.